When you begin any task, any of life's processes, the hardest part is starting. "Will I be up to the task?" "Will I know what to do?" "Will I be liked?" These are all good questions, indicative of the emotions that run through us whenever we expose ourselves to the judgement of others. For some, the lucky ones, moving past these fears and running towards their goals

comes naturally. Others, like myself, get mired in the details... so afraid of failure that they won't even try. I could say that in my "former life," I wore my badge of fear on my sleeve, but in fact, I displayed it by eating myself up to close to 400 pounds. This web site is dedicated to everyone who has a dream but is afraid to chase it. My life, in whole, is proof that it's possible to move past the fear and into the light.

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"When you know you are doing the very best within the circumstances of your existence, applaud yourself!" ~ Rusty Berkus


This calendar does not work yet. That is mainly because I haven't figured out it's functionality. But also because the biggest things that are coming up are still a secret.


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  • 9/16/09We feel the need to compartmentalize other people and keep them in their place because of our own insecurities. When we feel empowered enough, we are set free and and are thrilled at the growth and accomplishments of our friends.
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